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Level 2 Paint Paint Correction/Polishing

  • 5 hours
  • 849 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Our Level 2 paint correction service is aimed to remove around 80% of the swirls, scratches, and imperfections from your paint. This is where we do an intense cutting and polishing step, called a 2-step correction, to get the most gloss and clarity from your paintwork. 1-Clean Wheels, Tires, & Fenders Detail starts with a thorough cleaning of the wheel faces, wheel barrels, tires, and inner fender liner 2-Gentle Foam Hand Wash The vehicle gets a thick layer of foam and a gentle hand wash (while we clean the jambs, gas cap, and remove bugs from the paint) 3-Chemically Remove Iron Particles To ensure a clean surface, we remove iron particles from your paint via a chemical decontamination 4-Clay Bar Treatment The next step to a clean surface is a clay bar treatment to remove any remaining embedded dirt and debris (your paint will feel really smooth). 5-Step 1: Compound Phase (Correction) Safely remove a majority of the swirls and scratches from your paint with a machine polisher, cutting 6-Step 2: Polishing Phase (Polish) This will increase shine and clarity by polishing the micro-scratches that are leftover from the compound phase 7-Paint Wipe Down To inspect the true condition, we'll wipe down the paint to remove any leftover polish residue that can be hiding imperfections 8-Dress Tires, Plastic & Trim To give the exterior an extra pop, most of the exterior plastic and trim will be dressed to an even black finish like the tires, fenders, and trim (it will not be greasy) 9-Clean Exterior Windows & Mirrors We'll complete the detail with streak-free glass cleaning on all exterior surfaces 10-Final Touch Ups We'll do a final inspection of all exterior surfaces and touch up any areas that need are attention

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Connecticut, USA

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